God Hates XXX

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Towelheads Execute Perverts and Harlots, Why Don’t We?

osama.gifIf there is one thing that perplexes me to this day it is how the mooslims ended up with all the Godly laws and punishments, that they freely dole out on the vile sinners, and how America ended up being a bunch of sissies that allow the filthy smut peddlers to run around freely with their sinful parts and organs exposed on every street corner in front of our Godly churches and families?

Think about it for a moment.... the towelheads aren't Saved AT ALL -- they are certainly going to burn in eternal damnation for worshiping that allah devil, or whatever they call their demonic gods. It's a shame because they have been putting our Godly Christian Nation to shame with all of the righteous punishments they have over there for the sinners! Even though The Lord is going to be sending them to hell, I'm certain that their spot in hell isn't going to be as hot as the one He has set up for the liebrals and demoncrats. I mean... The Lord has to be pleased just a little bit with their war on smut over there in camel country, no?

I know that a post like this is going to ruffle some Godly Conservatives out there, but friends, my job here is to speak the truth. The Lord isn't happy that we've tossed the Bible in favor of the liebral nonsense we are cursed with in this nation.

Our Holy Bible has all of the same punishments for perverts, homersexuralists and harlots as they practice over in the kingdoms of sand, and they don't even have the Holy Bible over there, what gives with that???

There was a time though, when our Godly Christian Nation was founded, that we did punish the sinners swift and harsh -- why can't we get back to the days of 1620?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Godly Judge Michael T. Sauer Sends Brazen Harlot Paris Hilton Back To Jail… But He Should Have Ordered A Public Stoning!

It is unbelievable to me, in this day and age, when we have pressing social issues such as EVILution in the public schools, dirty pillows on prime time television, homersexuralism, dwindling church attendance, and the goth menace infecting our youth, that the modern day Whore of Babylon -- the brazen harlot to top all brazen harlots, Paris Hilton, is making breaking news on all the major news outlets for being sent back to jail for being a brazen and drunken harlot by a Godly Judge who was fed up with the LIEbral sniveling and abuse of the laws of our Godly Christian Nation.

Aside from the fact that being a brazen and drunken harlot should be enough to get her a year on a chain-gang and at least an afternoon in the Godly Dunking Stool here here at God Hates XXX Ministries. What a Heavenly Glory it would be to see something like this:


I can't wait until our Godly President Bush finally brings back some more traditional morals and values like stoning in the near future. Let me tell you, we would have already had this harlot in the town square for a Godly Stoning, YEARS AGO.

We need to support Godly Judge Sauer who has seen fit to at least apply as much punishment as the LIEbral laws of Hollyweird and Los Angeles will allow at this time by sending the harlot back to jail after the sissy sheriff let her out after only 3 days! I'm sure Judge Sauer would agree that a public stoning would have been the best punishment for this hussie, but unfortunately the LIEbrals prevent him from executing the Godly Justice called for in the Bible. Still, if you are a supporter of our Godly Ministry to fight filth and porn, like Paris Hilton, you can come here and enjoy thinking about how things ought to be in a Godly Christian Nation: